About us


About us

We have been growing unchecked since 2003 – from a team of four to over a hundred. One key to our success has been our ability to build long-term, stable and well-functioning relationships both with our partners and employees. Get to know us!

Experienced:  Providing custom IT solutions since 2003

One-stop shop: Software development, testing, project management, UI/UX, translation and support services

Cutting edge: Evolving with the technology whether Web, Mobile, Augmented Reality or the Internet of Things (IoT)

Broad-based business knowledge: Business areas include health IT and regulated software, wealth management and finance, supply chain management and even IoT supported precision agriculture

Conveniently located: Headquartered in the heart of Europe just one hour by train or car from international airports in Vienna, Budapest and Bratislava

Diverse client base: Clients range from small start-ups to medium-sized companies and multi-national corporations

Attention to quality: ISO9001 certified, we have prepared 510(k) documentation for US FDA approved solutions

R&D partners: Innovation partners include the Széchenyi University of Győr and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Stable, long-term teams: Remarkably low attrition levels assure stable teams with a strong understanding of clients’ businesses

Virtual resources: Staff often work as extensions of clients’ teams, seamlessly integrated into their development processes and supporting them throughout the development lifecycle

Global: Our software supports partners in dozens of countries across the globe

Our team

Our team is used to working for both European and North American clients and has thorough knowledge and experience in application development in different business areas. Over the years, our colleagues have gained extensive experience satisfying the technical needs of our clients and are qualified to deal with a variety of business problems. To assure that we can keep offering our clients comprehensive and up-to-date solutions, we pay special attention to keeping staff familiar with the latest technologies through extensive training programs.

Project manager

Our measure of success

There are many IT solution providers operating around the world, but we try to stand out among the competition. What does success mean for us? We are only satisfied with our solutions if they provide real value for our clients. If we can contribute to increased revenues, reduced workloads, or solving long-standing problems, then our efforts have been successful. In addition to normal development-related communication, we elicit client feedback on an annual basis and are proud of our average 4.4 rating on a scale of 5 on our client satisfaction survey.



For us innovation does not simply mean the latest hardware tools or technological solutions. Innovation can entail a new idea or process that increases revenue or reduces costs for a company. At Synthesis-NET we try to combine your ideas or business process improvements with the right technology so they can serve your company for many years to come.



Companies often do not have the luxury of spending months to see a development to completion. Agile methodologies can drastically reduce development times. Efforts are broken into short sprints that can be completed in days or weeks, allowing for ongoing client feedback. Using these methodologies, changes are easily traced and results are instantly visible.



Want to modernize but don’t know where to start? We can help you discover the critical processes that – when supported by up-to-date IT – can dramatically increase your productivity. An effective Website can increase revenue by an average of 34% (source: David Kirkpatrick). However, this increase pales in comparison to the productivity gains that can be leveraged from your processes using the right IT solution.



In today’s world needs are constantly changing. Today’s trends are boring tomorrow. Things are no different in IT. We constantly strive to keep up with market needs by staying on top of technology and updating the skillsets of our staff. Our team is motivated by new challenges which helps keep your solutions modern and effective.