Creative solutions


Creative solutions

Well-functioning software is not enough, modern design and the perfect user experience are just as important. Creative content, a carefully crafted UX/UI, or ingeniously animated elements all will have your customers coming back for more. Be it mobile or Web, we will create a solution for you that not only meets your functional requirements, but also has stunning design elements.


Graphic design

As the saying goes, first impressions are important. In business, the first impression is often your brand image, Webpage, or printed publications. We will make sure that the first impression your clients have of your company will make them come back for more.



Creative content

Regardless of how well your solution is designed, it will fall short without an optimal content design. We will help you improve and manage your content so that it is both inline with business goals and your solution’s graphic design elements.



Interactive media

When the visual appearance is no longer enough for your solution to stand out from your competitors, it’s time to find a more exciting approach. A properly placed interactive diagram, a creative animation of your services or an animated logo will capture the attention of your users.


All development starts with proper planning. At this stage, the objectives of the project are defined as precisely as possible and the needs of our customers identified. The best solution for this process is software prototyping – the first step in the creation of wireframe. A wireframe is a very simple plan that outlines the structure of the Website or mobile application. The wireframe lays out the appearance of the menu, design elements, scripts and buttons. We work with our clients to come up with the wireframe and refine it through an iterative process.


After finalizing the wireframe, graphic design begins to put “flesh on the bones” of your solution. Our UI/UX specialists will put together the look and feel of your solution and design the interactive content. The graphic design usually includes several versions which are then created for different layouts depending on the type of project. For example, in case of a Website, the desktop, tablet and mobile layouts will all differ somewhat.


After selecting and finalizing the graphic design, the creation of a simple prototype can start. The prototype represents a clickable product where the user can easily navigate through all the screens of the solution. This phase of the planning is particularly important in terms of user experience, as it is here that it is revealed whether a function is inconvenient to use or it is not clear when and what controllers to click on. In the eyes of our clients, this state looks already appears like a finished product, yet not even a single line of code has been written. This is how prototyping saves money; since while the graphic designs can quickly and easily be modified, code once written is much more difficult to change.


Don’t forget

If UI is the skin of the solution, then UX is the vital organs and the code the skeleton – in combination they create a stable entity. Just as in this example, these elements are not independent of one another, but function in a symbiotic manner to create the final product. Our creative team is constantly keeping up with the newest design trends to apply them to the needs of our clients.



The primary purpose of UI is to design all the interfaces that users will use. The appearance is not simply a question of aesthetics; a properly designed interface communicates with visitors at an instant and might increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Creating user interfaces is not only a graphic designer’s job, but requires customer analysis, design-research, branding, animations, etc. Our goal is to present our customers with a cross-platform compatible, easily manageable and transparent product.



UX is about us trying to see and think like our customers in order to create a bridge connecting the digital world with the end users. Developing user experience is more than creating an easy-to-use intuitive solution. Our UX experts also analyse competitors, develop product strategy, create wireframes, test prototype stages and measure results.

Creative design? Let’s go!