Software for business


Software for business

Developing business strategy, processes and methodology does not only require a human touch. Information Technology is becoming ever more important in the efficient operation of business and generation of revenue. When working with clients, we place considerable emphasis on learning their businesses so that we can offer optimal solutions tailored to their needs. We will work with you to meet your business challenges together and achieve your business goals.


Custom solutions

Whether you are an established global enterprise or a scrappy new start-up, we can put your business on track with custom IT solutions. You dream it and we will help you build it to make your business better.



Legacy software

It is difficult for many companies to keep up with the rapidly changing face of IT. Rewriting a legacy solution from scratch is no easy task – often it is unnecessary since updating the technology can breathe new life into your existing solutions.


Enterprise solutions

For most companies, the optimization and maintenance of business processes requires a stable IT infrastructure. We will focus on your business processes to come up with solutions that meet your needs. Let us manage your IT so you are free to concentrate on the other factors that drive your business.

Full life-cycle development

Designing, creating and introducing a new IT system tailored to your needs requires a long-term effort. We will help you during every step of the process providing you with the necessary information and knowledge to ensure you get the most out of your solution.



Even after handing over the solution, our job is not done. Errors and bugs may occur and must be fixed. Sometimes clients come up with new expectations that must be supported. Schedules may need to be adjusted and maintenance tasks assigned. Our support teams help monitor the solution through its entire lifecycle.

Handover and release

We handover completed phases to our clients, who can test the parts of the product live. We document every phase and will extend documentation based on changes or modifications. At this stage, new needs often arise, clients often ask for modifications which are managed and scheduled by our project managers.

Development and testing

We always rely on professional development for implementation to minimize the chance of errors or bugs. After writing the source code, we compile and run the different code snippets and finalize documentation. We unit-test the different phases ensuring continuous good quality.


Project analysis and planning

Our first task in developing a new IT solution is to prepare a project plan. We define the most appropriate development methodology to be applied for the given task and then we divide the job into several phases and define the required resources for accomplishing each task. We will establish a project team whose members have the required knowledge and skillsets for the job.

Specifying requirements

We prepare the documentation required for the development, we define what functions should be created, and how the solution will operate. We create user stories and prepare use cases that form the basis for the development. These documents are written in an easily-understandable language to ensure everyone is on the same page with the effort.

Design planning

We will create a wireframe of the user interface. For larger projects, we prepare a clickable prototype to test user flow and other processes. We work with your team until the click-through prototype reflects your needs and we can design and plan the entire system.

Key factors

There are many factors in the life of a project that influence the efficiency and usability of the product. These factors may represent significant added value during the development; they might make user interfaces more comfortable and the handled data more transparent or they can prepare the system for a greater number of future requests.


Data management

A business application is successful and optimal if it is able to handle a vast amount of data. We help you find and integrate the points which give information and might be the optimal solution to a problem.




The workload of an IT system changes over time. We manage resources based on needs thus making maintenance cost-effective and maximizing the solutions’ availability.



One of the most important aspects of an IT system is how it presents data to allow visualization of problems. We will help you keep tabs on your enterprise using interactive and intuitive interfaces.


Reports and analysis

Decision-makers need various tools for generating business reports and analyses. A proper representation of data can help depict your business processes more accurately and realistically.



Be on top of your business at all times with up-to-date tools. We will ensure that you take full advantage of your IT solution regardless which platform you use to access it. Interfaces optimized for smart devices, browsers and desktop applications offer countless possibilities to access your data and manage your company.



There is no limit for Web-based applications these days. They offer cost-effective solutions to support a variety of processes, maintain data, or guide the company. Now any Web browser can be the gateway to the business workings of your company.


Applications for mobiles and tablets offer new and innovative opportunities to easily access information and perform administrative processes while on the move saving time and money.


Many companies still use desktop applications to access internal and external services. Innovation has reached this platform as well and allows the development of adaptable applications that are cost-effective, customizable and unique.

Smart devices

Smart devices are often accessories to complex systems. An interactive surface or a smart TV can be used to display important information and as an interface supporting other processes.

Business solutions

Over the years, our company has worked with clients from a variety of industries including manufacturing, textiles, healthcare, banking and finance and agriculture.


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