Precision agriculture


Precision agriculture

Let’s face it, investments regarding plant production or horticulture will require a lot of time and money. The more automation tools and machines are introduced, the greater the risk that something goes wrong. Nothing is as frustrating as production losses due to defective devices or adverse weather conditions. The How’s my plant? application is an environmental controlling and monitoring system with alert and notification features that was specifically developed to reduce the possibility of such damages.


Progress journal

and scheduler

Use a convenient progress journal to record significant results and events and to schedule your important tasks as a reminder.



Custom alerts

Create your own alerts. If the events specified in the terms and conditions occur, the system sends an alert or warning message in form of a mobile push notification, by SMS or email.





On the user-friendly web interface, you can compare the sensor values and view historical data in form of local reports or reports or as downloadable data.



Social media

You can create community posts of a variety of sensor values so that your friends and associates constantly can monitor the status of the nursery.




We can keep track of the data on multiple devices, such as cell phones, smart watches, tablets and of course on web interfaces.



Output devices

The system is able to control various output devices, such as irrigation systems, lighting, fans or an external web camera via smart connecting devices.

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