Mobile technologies


Mobile technologies

The world is mobile. Yesterday’s solutions running on disparate devices have been replaced by mobile applications. Apps help us shop, watch our health and diet, organize our schedule, or simply relax. Our mobile apps can help connect your home with your office, your clients, and your colleagues. The possibilities are unlimited and available to anyone with a smart phone. Our team will help you find the solution that works best for you so you too can go mobile!



Android is the world’s fastest growing mobile platform. Thanks to the many tools and extensive support available, development time for Android apps has been significantly reduced. Thanks to its open ecosystem apps can easily be tailored to your needs.




Beautiful appearance, impressive user experience and perfect functionality – these are the hallmarks of iOS applications. Not only are they found on the ever-growing number if iPhones, they also run on iPads which continue to play a dominant role in the tablet market.



Windows Phone

Windows phones are great for connecting you with colleagues and customers alike. Windows apps are a great way to extend your business solutions. Apps developed for the Windows Phone are often easy to use which makes them popular with many users.

Why mobile apps?

When mobile apps come to mind, most people think of the programs that can be downloaded from the ubiquitous app stores. Apps can be perfect for acquiring new clients or increasing customer loyalty, however, the possibilities go way beyond that. Just imagine a business application that is connected to your legacy solutions. At the touch of your finger, you can save time and money from anywhere, anytime.


Reach clients and customers

Everyone loves apps. Reach your clients and increase their loyalty using a solution tailored to your needs that supports your business goals. Marketing promotions, surveys, mailing notifications, mobile shopping; these are just a few of the possibilities that can be leveraged for your business.



Extend your Website

Websites are mobile too. A well-designed Website is responsive – it functions on any device. In addition, an existing Website can be enhanced with functionality through a native app. In this manner you can generate additional content or provide additional functionality to your clients often with a quicker turnaround then with traditional Web development.



Support business processes

Use customized business apps to innovate and maximize your productivity. Whether by reaching out to customers, supporting production or enabling employees to manage their administrative responsibilities, the sky is the limit when it comes to mobile apps for business.

Leveraging success

Mobile apps offer unlimited possibilities. However, even the best ideas can fall short if not implemented properly. We can deliver and have done so on more than 80 successful projects involving numerous customers from across the globe. We use the latest technologies and keep an eye towards the trends in UX/UI to ensure our clients modern and professional solutions.


Mobile strategy

Before writing a line of code, we learn the underlying business model and goals associated you’re your solution. We will work with you to brainstorm on the functionality of an MVP that you can use to test your idea.

User experience and design

User experience is defined by ease of use, a clear intuitive interface and consistent functionality. Our developers understand the importance of a good UX and will deliver a product that will excite your users..

Application development

We have an excellent development team with varied skillsets overseen by experienced project managers. In this manner, we can ensure that the solution we deliver will meet your high standards and still adhere to your budget and time frame.

Quality assurance

Proper functionality and flawless design are ensured by our testing team who test the development-in-progress at each milestone of the process.

Mobile experience

To keep up with today’s trends ranging from indoor positioning, sport applications, and social media requires serious technical capabilities and expertise. Our team has a strong knowledge base in a variety of these areas.


Why mobile?

The role of mobile technologies in our lives is unquestionable these days. Mobile devices are ubiquitous and here to stay.



In 2016, two billion people owned a smartphone. By 2020 the number of smartphone owners will grow to three billion.



67% of internet users access the Web via their smartphones. Since 2013, more people use mobile devices to access the Web than PCs and laptops.



The number of apps available on various app stores will soon reach 268 billion. In 2009, “only” 2.5 billion apps were available in the app stores.



Surveys show that smartphone owners spend more than 70 hours a month using mobile apps.


Mobile app? Let’s go!