Our outsourcing services


Our outsourcing services

We have provided software development and testing services to our partners since 2004. Our clients range from one person firms and start-ups to small and medium-scale enterprises, multi-national corporations and public sector institutions. The key to our success is that we are not just a software development company, but a solution provider who can offer our clients valuable and innovative ideas for improving business performance. Whether you need a simple mobile app or a full-fledged business solution, we have the expertise you need.



Our development team consists of experienced IT experts who are skilled with more than 60 technologies and have delivered over more than 300 projects for mobile, Web and desktop platforms.




Our quality engineers support the developing process with unit, integrated and automatic testing tools and documentation tools throughout the entire project life cycle ensuring the proper operation of the delivered solution.




Our project managers oversee, coordinate and schedule the development ensuring that the project stays on track, within cost and on time.




We will not only development and test your solution but also to localize it and all required documentation in English and six other languages.



We provide Level 1 – Level 3 phone support for our partners’ solutions even during off-hours.



Quality assurance

We only use professional tools for development. We guarantee our high work standards with the latest systems for ensuring code quality and proper documentation.


Why Eastern Europe?

For the past couple of decades Eastern Europe has gained a dominant role in IT outsourcing, and the region outranks all other regions including Southeast Asia and South America (according to market research institutes such as IDC and THOLONS). Although some other regions do have cost advantages compared to Eastern Europe, these advantages are generally offset by the added costs associated with their geographical location and ease of access, infrastructural issues, and even cultural similarities. The cultural and educational traditions in Eastern Europe are quite similar to those in Western Europe and in the EU we work with our partners in the same time zone. These facts have led many European and North American companies to seek offshore and nearshore service partners in Eastern Europe.



Why Synthesis-NET?

Hungary holds a prominent place among outsource destinations; in 2016 there are only three countries with higher market volume (THOLONS – 2016). Synthesis-NET is headquartered in Győr (Raab) in Western Hungary which from a number of perspectives has advantages compared even to the capital city – Budapest. The town is a major logistical hub located on major East-West, North-South rail, road and (due to River Danube) water transportation corridors. It is only a mere hour by train or car from central Europe’s most important airport – Vienna International Airport. The town enjoys a high standard of living; low unemployment rates and yet is more affordable than Budapest. Additionally, the town is home to a university that is not only one of our R&D partners, but also offers a continuous flow of skilled labor in a variety of disciplines.



English is our lingua franca; we use it on a daily basis. In addition, we communicate and create software documentation in French, German, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, and Slovakian.

On time, on budget delivery

Time is money and our extensive experience in and knowledge of the development life cycle will help you save both.


We are skilled in agile development methodologies and employ a variety of professional project management tools to keep you informed of the status of development.


Dynamic teams

Teams are built with an eye towards development needs and time constraints. These factors influence the number of team members, the level of expertise and the nature and composition of project management.

Dedicated work environment

Our colleagues work in spacious, well-equipped offices and also have the opportunity to work with other teams in several collective development spaces.

Professional knowledge

Our colleagues have deep understanding of a variety of business fields. In our development, we balance functionality with long-term usability when selecting technologies for you.


Since the establishment of our company we have developed IT solutions for various market branches, which could enable us to grow and develop gradually. We do believe that by these days we have acquired valuable experience that will enable us to offer a proper solution for every kind of issue our clients might encounter. Our innovation strategy and the continuous training of our colleagues ensure that our developments can serve as an optimal and long-term solution for our partners.


Regulated software

Ten FDA approved products in just three years – we develop and test applications and devices that are used in major plasma centres, blood banks and hospitals all across the globe. Since the smallest glitch can endanger hundreds of lives, these projects require extraordinary precision and professional competence which is ensured through development processes, audits and ongoing training.

Financial and wealth management solutions

Whether refactoring legacy client-server applications or developing cross-platform solutions for wealth management, we have worked with a number of European and North American partners in this field. Our solutions include systems for managing complex investment portfolios with multiple user modules and a rule engine that is connected to financial systems to help decide which clients can access specific services.


We began our first forays into e-commerce over a decade ago. Since that time we have acquired extensive knowledge in the design and creation of online shops, the integration of mobile and online payment, supporting inventory management, or developing CRM systems. Especially for consumer-facing solutions, user experience is critical and it is important to create the appropriate conditions for customer loyalty through efficient and user-friendly IT.

Business Intelligence

During day-to-day operations, companies create myriad pieces of raw data which in and of itself has little value. Add business intelligence into the mix and it is possible to convert these pieces of raw data into decision support tools. Executive dashboards, reports and performance evaluation, data mining and data visualisation; these are just a few of the areas where our company has helped its clients do more with their data.


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