Professional solution for zoo applications


Professional solution for zoo applications

Our company offers innovative solutions for zoos, to increase the number of visitors and also to attract younger generations. A customized, high-quality mobile app will help you keep up with the visitors’ expectations and a number of exciting new features can be implemented in it. These solutions are easy to be tailored for national parks, theme parks or any other outdoor visitor centers.


Interactive map

The map in the application is based on the real map of the zoo in high resolution, which means that you’ll get a sharp image even when zoomed in. Our map works offline, and all functions can be used except from the display of the user’s position and of the animals that are close by.




On the “support” screen, you can contribute to the nourishment, watering of animals or their medical supplies by sending a premium SMS. The zoo will thank you for your contribution by posting a message on its community site.



Sending notifications

The person in charge of the notifications at the zoo can send short messages to all users or to those currently being at the zoo by using the web-based notification center platform specifically developed for the application, so that no one would miss upcoming exciting events.



Interesting facts

The information pages contain interesting facts about animals, such as what they eat, how they reproduce, or which ones are protected species. This is also here you will find more information about the priority points of the zoo.




In the application we can display even the latest news website uploaded to the website without any development or administration required. Users can receive automatic notifications of new posts via their mobile phones.




Image and video galleries can be added in the application, with which we can study animals in moments that cannot always be observed by visitors.